Alex Murray Ready To Finish Bojangles Summer Shootout Series Strong Tonight In Race 10

CONCORD, N.C. - Many racers who finish fourth, seventh and sixth in their last three events would be unhappy. Not Alex Murray.

The 15-year-old from Concord, North Carolina had so much bad luck in the middle rounds of the ten race Bojangles Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway that he's just happy to have three solid finishes in a row and is excited to go out tonight in the final series race on a high note.

"When we came into the series, we knew we were going to have to learn how to step up into being a team that could race with the guys in the Pro division," Alex said. "We expected to get better each week and hopefully chase some top three finishes by the end of the shootout. Then we had all the motor problems and we spent about three or four races just trying to get all of that straightened out instead of working on going faster."

Alex pulled out of two straight features due to the mechanical issues, and the team tried changing everything in the car that was electrical or power-related in nature, except the motor. Nothing helped, and the motor finally blew up in race 6.

"That was our rock bottom, but at the same time it was almost a relief to now know what the problem was. When that motor blew, our other one was being rebuilt and freshened. Once we got it back and put it in the car for race 7, everything started falling into place again. We lost about three races of making progress because we were having motor problems. That's why I'm happy with our runs the past three races. Fourth, seventh and then last night we got sixth and were as high as fourth at one time. We're a tenth or two off but the car is racing well and I'm learning each time out again."

Turning to tonight's final race, Alex says he thinks a top five finish is definitely possible and would be a nice way to finish the series.

"I'd love to say we can go win a race, and I do believe that is possible, but these guys we're racing against have been doing this at this level a lot longer than we have. If I can go out and get a solid top three to top five finish then I would be happy with that. I am so lucky just to be able to race at all, and my whole family works really hard to keep us going along with some close friends who believe in me enough to help and encourage me. I want to run well as much for them as for myself. I'd love to see the Shamrock Auto Car, Racing With Ryan No. 22 in the top five at the end of tonight's race. I'm going to try my hardest to make that happen."

If you can't make it out to the speedway to watch Alex on Tuesday night, check out for information on the internet pay-per-view video broadcast for this summer's racing, or follow Alex Murray Racing on Facebook, or his website ( to keep up with the latest news.

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